Recreation Committee

The Recreation Committee was formed by and under the Greystone Homeowners Association Board of Directors according to the By-Laws of Greystone Homeowners Association. The Recreation Committee will consist of no less than four board members, as well as appointed, interested club members, not exceeding a total of seven members.  

Membership of the initial Committee was drawn from the Club's Steering Committee. Hereafter, members will be appointed by the Board of Directors annually and are subject to removal for non-performance by the Board of Directors during the year. The initial Committee terms are staggered on a 3/2/1 basis. At the end of each of the respective terms, each newly appointed member will serve three-year terms. 

The recreation committee duties and responsibilities are described below. Day-to-day operation of the pool is managed by an on-site Certified Pool Operator who reports to the Recreation Committee.  Comments and suggestions regarding pool maintenance or staff should be directed to the committee. 

Recreation Committee Members (email Greystone Swim & Racquet Club)

  1. Bullet    Gordon Archambault     Chairman, Financial, Greystone HOA Representative

  2. Bullet    Nancy Peplin                Greystone HOA Representative

  3. Bullet    Jeff Camdon                 Landscaping

  4. Bullet    Bob Wylie                    Greystone HOA Representative

  5. Bullet    Barbara Wait                Tennis Coordinator

  6. Bullet    Paul Woolverton           Greystone HOA Representative

  7. Bullet    Greg Wait                    Volleyball Coordinator

  8. Bullet    Lee Ann Shearon          Swim Team Coordinator

  9. Bullet    Dara Haney                 Member Representative

  10. Bullet    Leslie Ball                    Recreation Coordinator

  11. Bullet    Susan Jaynes               Recreation Coordinator


           Lee Kincheloe,    (email

Swim Team

          Lee Ann Shearon, (email


            Leslie Ball          (email

            Susan Jaynes     (email

Recreation Committee Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of the Recreation Committee include:

  1. 1.Securing and managing Pool membership and guest passes.

  1. 2.Ensuring the seasonal opening and closing of the Swim Club.

  1. 3.Ensuring year round access to the tennis, basketball and volley ball courts, as well as the surrounding grounds.

  1. 4.Supervising contractors for:

  2. BulletPool management

  3. BulletLandscaping

  4. BulletRefurbishments, maintenance and improvements

  5. BulletInsurance evaluation and acquisition

  1. 5.Financial budgeting, assessment and record keeping.

  1. 6.Securing annual permit for pool operation.

  1. 7.Planning, scheduling and managing special events.

  1. 8.Establishing recreational hours, rules, regulations and other use restrictions.

  1. 9.Receiving complaints from members on any matter involving Club functions, duties and/or activities.

  1. 10.Other operational decision-making as required.

  1. 11.Regular and accurate reporting to the Association Board of Directors.

  1. 12.Formation of subcommittees, such as:

  2. BulletMembership

  3. BulletSwim team/lessons

  4. BulletTennis team/lessons

  5. BulletMaintenance

  6. BulletSocial functions

  7. BulletLandscaping

  8. BulletVolleyball